Drug & Alcohol Policy

MARCEM Australia Group of Companies acknowledges individual rights to consume alcohol socially as well as drugs when legally prescribed. However it is well known that the consumption of drugs and abuse of alcohol can affect an individual's ability to perform safely in the workplace. MARCEM Australia is committed to maintaining a workplace that is free from risks incurred through the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

To achieve this MARCEM Australia undertakes to:

  • Prevent any employee working under the influence of alcohol or other drugs as defined in AS/NZS 4308:2001.
  • Carry out random, targeted, cause and blanket alcohol and drug testing on any of its employees at any location;
  • Provide counseling services where appropriate;
  • Treat all information relating to employees drug and alcohol test results in the strictest of confidence;

All employees and subcontractors are obliged to;

  • Not enter the workplace whilst under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or be in possession of, or sell alcohol or other drugs whilst at work;
  • Conform to client alcohol and drug policies;
  • Conform to client request for alcohol and drug tests when on their sites;
  • Consult with their medical practitioner regarding possible implications (including alertness and work performance) at the time of prescription of drugs;
  • Inform MARCEM Australia and/or their host employer of any prescribed drugs and the possible implications that may affect their ability to perform safely and effectively in the workplace;
  • Conform to the requirements of this policy whilst being mobilized and demobilized from site locations.

Where an employee is suspected of breaching this policy that employee will not be permitted to enter the workplace.

This policy reiterates the condition of employment by all MARCEM Australia employees, clients and contractors, that drug and alcohol testing is a standard procedure and abstinence from using prohibited drugs and the abuse of alcohol is mandatory.

MARCEM Australia's aim is to ensure every employee at every workplace remains alcohol and drug free.

Application of this policy

This policy applies to all business operations and functions, including those situations where employees are required to work off-site.