Marcem partners with Lord of the Locks

Marcem leads the way to less downtime and repair by partnering with Nord-Lock.

Pairing improved safety with maintenance reductions on mobile and fixed equipment, the range of Nord Lock SuperBolts and Expander pins make for a valuable addition to the Marcem range. Indeed, by switching to SuperBolts customers have seen large-scale saving via a 22.5x improvement in the life cycle of their equipment. Additionally, the Nord-Lock Expander System is perfect for repairs with minimal downtime – whether lugs are in pristine condition and you want to reduce the risk of ware, or lugs are worn and in need of TLC.

So, if improving safety or reducing cost is important to your business, let us help you find the best Nord-Lock for your needs. Just contact our Perth, Karratha, Darwin, or Brisbane office today.